artist statement

Photography is a powerful medium that is capable of conveying messages in ways that other media cannot. There is a sincere connection between artist and viewer in that the visuals represent imagery that is universally recognizable and is yet able to form a message that transcends a grounded subject matter. Sharing an understanding of visuals can create a common ground that links the viewer to the shared concept. Because of this visceral nature of my concepts, photography is the ideal realm in which to create my art.

The roots of my photography originate in my personal experience. I often delve into concepts dealing with mental illness, childhood, family and materiality. These are ideas which permeate throughout my life and affect me daily. Experiences relating to these concepts have molded me into who I am, making it inevitable that they show up in my photography. My emotions are very strong, and my sense of identity often shifts, which can be seen across my works, both aesthetically and conceptually.

My goal is to create a candid representation of my feelings that is still accessible to the viewer. I use photography to communicate emotions and experiences that cannot necessarily be conveyed as strongly through words alone. Being open about certain truths through images can become therapeutic to me as the artist while simultaneously starting important conversations among viewers. I am not necessarily setting out to make statements about society, but I do hope to share my story and perhaps open the eyes of some viewers. My photographs are my memoir, a rich story that is begging to escape my mind.